/  Introduction

Al Mohamadia Dates Company

A love and passion for agriculture and date farming in particular, led to the formation of Al Mohamadia Dates Company (Al Mohamadia) in 1996. The founder began with a vision of supplying superior quality dates to the people of Saudi Arabia directly from their farms in the Al Kharj area – a vision that has been maintained and built upon as the organisation continues to flourish and grow.

With foundations rooted in passion, innovation and an absolute focus on the  quality of product and service, Al Mohamadia has grown significantly over 18 years and is currently expanding even further. The recently increased capacity of our processing facility, investment in the implementation of quality systems and continuous maintaining of SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality organization) endorsement across all our products are all indicative of our ambition to drive new standards in the global date industry for years to come.