/  A Commitment to Quality

A Commitment to Quality

Our ability to fully control our value chain and our commitment to dates ensure that our customers enjoy excellent service across our full product range. We are committed to improving even further, which is demonstrated by our ongoing investment in our brand, plans to increase the date varieties on offer and our pledge to achieve Global Gap certification across all our farms.

Al Mohamadia – Safety & Quality

MDC is a professional supplier of the highest quality dates in the Kingdom. It endeavors to achieve quality in all aspects of Farming, Production, Processing, Marketing and Management, ensuring that it meets the quality and safety requirements of the Products and that of the Consumers, whilst ensuring that all national and international standards are met.

Training is provided to all Staff on quality and safety requirements as part of the job training. A strict system of the medical check for all employees working in direct contact with the products is in place.

MDC management provides all employees with the facilities and methods that enable them to perform their jobs safely and properly. Safety measures (safety shoes, goggles, gloves, masks etc.) are provided wherever required. Rules and directives for safety precautions are communicated and displayed at the working areas as relevant.

At the farm, we ensure that no genetically modified trees are planted. We check and ensure that only the required quantity of Organic and Inorganic Fertilisers, of the required Quality, is used to ensure that we maintain the Soil Fertility. We minimise the usage of Pesticides so that there is no pesticide residue on the date fruits.

We adopt the use of light traps, pheromone traps and other eco-friendly pest management options.

The farms carry out irrigation carefully to ensure that the quantity and quality of the product are optimized.

We observe the quantity and quality of pollen grain and we are well aware of the importance of pollination on the quality of the dates produced.

We carry out Bunch / Strand removal and bunch thinning, fruit thinning and bunch arrangement to prevent entangling. Fruit bunch bagging / covering to shelter from birds and dust is also done. We also sort and clean the date fruits in the field to remove defective fruits and other extraneous materials.

Harvesting technique and procedure: Optimum timing (right ripening stage, right moisture content etc.), careful fruit picking etc. is done and the dates are delivered to the Factory, immediately after harvesting.

Incoming materials are inspected and stored in proper storage conditions as per the relevant operating procedure.

The dates are cleaned and Sorted for Size, Colour and Defects, based on requirement using the latest technology (Optical + LASER sorting machines). The dates are then fumigated to ensure that infestation, if any, is removed.

While Manufacturing the Products, all Safety and Quality requirements are fulfilled thoroughly and only after Quality Clearance, the goods are shipped out of the factory.

We pay attention to site management, environmental and occupational safety. Health risks associated with the site are inspected. Sanitation, disinfection and cleaning are observed including waste management.

The dates, after manufacturing, are kept in fully temperature-controlled conditions and are transported to the Customer's facility also under temperature-controlled conditions.

Thus, at Mohamadia Dates, Consumer Safety and Product Quality is always Top of Mind.