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Al Mohamadia Farms

Our fertile farms are located 60km outside of Riyadh, the country’s capital, with an arable area of 18 square kilometres. Our more than 30,000 mature date palm trees produce over 20 of the most popular date varieties. Our close control of our growing process undoubtedly plays a vital role in our reputation for superior quality.

To provide our customers with a wide range of choice, Al Mohamadia also sources varieties grown only in specific areas of the Kingdom through long-term supplier partnerships.
Al Mohamadia dates are produced, processed, handled and marketed utilizing advanced technical procedures, thorough husbandry practices to closely to standard requirements and quality specifications.

Farm Facts:

Al Mohamadia farms use strictly natural fertilizers

We are fully compliant with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

We consistently apply best practice pest control and site management practices that maintain soil fertility, prevent pests and diseases and result in superior quality dates.

The farm uses a modern, waste-minimizing drip irrigation system and a carefully monitored watering protocol that is customised according to soil type, tree age, variety, development stage etc.